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What makes Tidy school unique

We offer you the features that you need to get back to your students.

One-Stop Homeschooling App

From lesson planning to transcripts, we have all areas of the schooling process covered. You’ve chosen to homeschool for multiple reasons. So get ahead and get back to life!

Easy Calendar

Stay organized and make quick calendar changes where needed Intuitive with our modern design. You run your school!

Lesson Planning

Our top-notch planning tools allow you to efficiently run your school by creating and scheduling lesson plans for your curriculum with the freedom to adjust them as needed.​​

Easy Grading

Don't worry about inputting information in different places anymore. Keep everything in one place in your app for easy transparent reports.

Teacher Portal

As the administrator, you have all the privileges you need to keep everything straight with your students. Use your portal to keep track of everything in one place and assign tasks.

Unlimited Students

Your students will have their own login and access their reports. By keeping everything in front of them, you can keep track of their progress and continue keeping your lifestyle.

Private Facebook Group

Join a community of individuals who are homeschooling their students! Network and ask direct support questions to keep you on the go.

Rise to the top

Increase Productivity

It’s easy to fall behind and forget to log your lesson plans. With our easy to follow guides, you can customize your lessons in advance to reduce the amount of daily tracking.

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Professional Reports

You’ll be able to keep all your grades in one area and have it all together for graduation. 

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Best Practices

We love tech as much as we value education. That is why we are committed to providing you with the best practices in application management possible. 

We stay up to date because we want to pass on the best to you and your family.

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