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Tidyschool is the #1 homeschooling app for parents

We’ve updated the homeschool experience. Get more done and track what is important to stay on schedule.


We Were homeschooled Once

We Created a clear way to help you build your School schedule!

At one point, some of us at TidySchool homeschooled. That’s how we understand the struggle of staying organized. Our heart is in this to provide you with the best experience possible for you and your students.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Easy scheduling

Use TidySchool to schedule and plan like a boss with full flexibility and organization.

Record Keeping

Track student progress from any device and create report cards, transcripts, book lists, and more.

Easy Grading

Plug in the grade and we take care of the arithmetic. Use our simplified dashboard to view daily tasks.

Access Your Account Anytime, Anywhere and On Any Device

TidySchool is a one-stop shop for all your record keeping needs. Print out transcripts, volunteer hours, and book lists with ease without having to go through the tedious process of entering the information manually into another system.

We've Got Your Back, Mama

We create a section for you to organize all the important aspects of your life. The personal planner was designed for the busy mom who needs a designated place to track what is important to her.

You Have A lot Going On Outside Of Homeschooling

You are a teacher, chef, nurse, therapist, manager and most importantly, you are a MOM! The personal planner will relieve some of the stress by helping you keep track of all the things. 


Personal Planner

Stay on top of the day by tracking expenses, bills and more.

Inventory List

Never run out of what you need by keeping track of grocery inventory, school supply stock and more.

Workout Log

Avoid falling off the wagon by tracking your meals and workouts.

Goal Tracker

Keep track of your goals and the steps needed to attain those goals.

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